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Some kind words from recent clients. Well done for all your hard work guys!

“I was introduced to Vikki after experiencing about six months of real difficulties where my dog, Shambles, had become aggressive and was snapping at dogs and very fearful of people.

 We had tried dog training, behaviourists and more than a few suggestions from other dog walkers and the situation was feeling hopeless.  


The experience with Vikki was different from the start - she really examined all aspects of Shambles life, from her difficult start as a Greek rescue dog, to her home environment and the time she spends with a dog walker.  

She offered practical tips on our walk together and followed up with notes that really explained the sorts of training that could help to interrupt Shambles routines of stalking dogs and also ways to safely and effectively meet my collie’s needs for stalking and chasing.


 I’ve been working with the dog in the way Vikki suggested for a month and her behaviour is turning around, which is such a huge relief.  I have recommended Vikki to every other dog owner I know with a troublesome dog.”  Ali & Shambles 

Ali and Shambles....

Marilyn and Layla....

''I was having some worrying issues with my recently aquired terrier mix, Layla, and arranged for a behaviour consultation with Vikki. Layla really lacked any self-control and added to this she hadn't been receiving an adequate amount of physical or mental stimulation.  We were stuck in 'catch 22'. Her behaviour was escalating and beginning to cause problems as she was barking and lunging at my neighbours.

Vikki explained how to use Layla's natural desires to help relieve her frustration and keep her entertained throughout the day. Simple changes to exercise, feeding and play methods helped to improve her general mood. We then began socialising her in a more appropriate way, she learnt that her manic behaviour would not work and calm behaviour resulted in more fun!

Thank you, Vikki, for all your help and patience, Layla has improved lots and we're keeping up the training!''

Marilyn and Layla 

Wendy & Pluto....

    ''Thank you Vikki for your help with Pluto, pretty much overnight she has stopped soiling the kitchen floor and her recall has improved considerably! So pleased I called you for help. Thanks Wendy,''

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