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Common Training Issues Covered;
  • Unreliable recall.
  • Pulling on the lead.
  • Jumping up.
  • ......and many more.



One to One Training Services.


For any training problem, large or small!

 An initial assessment session is £50. Follow up sessions are £35/hr


 Puppy 1 to 1 visits are an ideal way to get your training off to a great start in those weeks before your puppy is fully vaccinated. Every interaction is a learning experience for your young pup, learn how to avoid your pup learning unwanted behaviours and set your puppy up to be confident and focussed on you!

  When you venture out into the real world with your puppy it helps tremendously to be prepared for potential problems and to have someone on hand to show you how to turn any unexpected happening into a positive training experience!



Adult dog 1 to 1 visits;

You may want a one off session to brush up on your dog's general obedience, or several short, well structured sessions to overcome fear or self-control issues your dog may be experiencing.


Some dogs, for many different reasons, are not comfortable in a group lesson.


Perhaps you work shifts or your family schedule does not allow you to commit to a course of classes?


Or you may just prefer the individual attention to detail and the personal touch that comes with one to one sessions.


If so, individual lessons, at a time that suits you may be your best option.


Available in your own home (travel/parking charges may be applicable), out in the 'real world' or in the training hall.








Family dogs
Reliable recall
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