Puppy Class Package £110 
Includes - 4x Group Classes - 1 to 1 Session - Online          6-week training course - Goody Bag



4 Group Puppy Class Sessions

These sessions are for vaccinated puppies up to 20 weeks , with a maximum of 6 puppies in the class.

Activities covered include;


  • Gaining and keeping your pup's attention

  • Happy Handling, grooming and restraint tolerance

  • Using shaping, luring and capturing to teach new behaviours

  • Following/Loose lead walking

  • Starting Recall

  • Enrichment

  • Settle

  • Jumping up (not!)

  • Appropriate play

  • Confidence building

  • Polite meeting and greeting & more...


Numbers are kept small, this is to ensure that you get individual attention and your puppy is not overwhelmed, but has a fun learning experience. Large classes tend to be chaotic and can often create more problems than they solve!

(The group classes can be attended without the 1 to 1 session for £80, provided you have prior knowledge of 'marker/clicker training' and do not want assistance with the behavioural advice covered in the 1 to 1. However, the sessions are designed to complement each other).

- An intensive 1 to 1 session at your home. 

This session can be held before your pup is fully vaccinated. Getting you started with learning training techniques, tackling puppy behaviours such as biting, chewing, toilet training, stealing, confidence building, socialisation, being left alone etc. 

You will receive a 'Profile' of your puppy to refer to, taking into account your pup's breed/type, your family and lifestyle. This is personalised to avoid problems developing and get you off to the best start.

-Good Dog Level 1           6-Week Online Course

This online course can be started during the puppy course, or as a natural progression to continue your training after graduation! This is pre-recorded, so work through at your own pace. A good incentive to keep up the training!

Puppy Class Dates 2021:


August - Mon 2nd, 9th, 16th at 6pm & Sun 22nd at 4pm (Fully Booked)

September - Mon 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th

at 6pm 



1 to 1 Puppy Training

If your lifestyle isn't compatible with weekly training classes, there is the option of 1 to 1 training - in your home, the park or the training hall.

As well as learning modern training techniques, such as shaping and capturing behaviour, you will be encouraged to think about the world, specifically your lifestyle, from your puppy's point of view. 

Preparing your dog to cope with possible stresses in their life and teaching them the skills to make good choices in any given situation are fundamental to a happy and contented life in your family.

Initial 1 to 1 (allow 2hrs)                                        -  £45

Initial 1 to 1 plus 2 further 1hr sessions           -  £100

Initial 1 to 1 plus 4 further 1hr sessions           -  £155

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puppy greet.jpg

        Pre-Puppy Advice Session.

Not 100% sure which puppy is right for your life-style? Are you worried about puppy crying on the first night keeping the household awake? How to introduce your new addition to the cat? or perhaps it's your first puppy and it's all a bit overwhelming?

This session is perfect for those who want to avoid making the common mistakes which can contribute to problems developing. It provides a no-nonsense, realistic picture of the amount of preparation and work involved in getting it right, first time.

This session is £25 via Zoom or £30 in person for approximately 1hr. This includes hand-outs.

If you wish to attend puppy classes, NOW is the time to find and book a class, before puppy arrives! Meet the trainer and attend a session if possible to ensure that you are happy with the methods and course content.

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