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                                              Puppy Club!!  

Puppy Club is THE place to learn about social skills, nurturing confidence, building strong bonds and communicating effectively with your puppy.

  • Small group sessions (max 6 puppies).

  • For vaccinated puppies up to 18 weeks. 

  • Ideal for younger puppies, waiting to start puppy class. 

  • Come as often, or as little as you wish.

  • Subjects covered include;



Confidence Building * Dealing with Biting * Calm Handling * Following * Listening & Focus * Positive Play * Early Recall * Enrichment * Managing Arousal * and much more...

                                   £12 per puppy per session

Tuesdays at 6.30pm 

Come as little, or as often as you want. (Booking is essential)

Apply here ......

Free Parking / Bus stop outside

Please email for enrolment details.

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