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Training For Life!

This class is for any dog who is happy in a group environment. Whether your training has gone beyond puppy class and you would like an extra challenge or perhaps you have a dog who missed out on early training opportunities?

Your pup is learning from experiences happening every day of his or her life. Why not engage and have fun with your dog in a way which will enrich and benefit both yours and your dog's life?

These sessions incorporate many elements, including;

  • 'Rally' style obedience exercises -                                                                                 These are a series of exercises, practised individually, and as a course, designed to improve connection, lead walking and other skills relevant to 'real life'.

  • Trick Training -                                                                                                                    Not just to impress our friends! We also teach 'tricks' in a fun way which make everyday life easier for you and less stressful for your dog. From happily wearing a muzzle to trimming their own nails!

  • Scent-work and environmental enrichment.

  • Body awareness and confidence.

  • Calmness and arousal control.

  • Recall skills. 

  • Engagement games, building a bond and maintaining focus.

   Plus much more! 

  A 1 hour session is £8

  If you have not attended a Dog's Choice (or other force-free training) puppy class or 1 to 1 training session previously a 1 to 1 session will be booked to get your training started and assess your dog's suitability for class. 


30 minute session demonstrating and practising training techniques - £15

1.5hr full 1 to 1 training and behaviour assessment session. This is tailored to you and your dog, addressing breed needs, problem prevention, enrichment, husbandry, welfare and everyday routines as well as practical training skills.

                                                                                                             - £35

   Please email for further details

Sessions run 7.20 - 8.20 pm Monday evenings.

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